Welcome to the Combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program at Brown!

Our program benefits from clinically capable, intellectually curious and compassionate residents, a highly committed Med/Peds-trained faculty, a continuity site that serves as a home to the program and residents, as well as strong and balanced categorical residency programs in Internal Medicine and in Pediatrics with highly committed department chairs and exceptional faculty in each discipline. Founded in 1995, Brown Med/Peds offers 4 positions per year for its four year training program. The Brown Combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics program is fully accredited by the ACGME, the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Pediatrics.

The core mission of the Brown University Medicine/Pediatrics Program is to offer an academically-oriented clinical program that will prepare exceptional physicians to improve the health status of the populations in our region. The program will:

  1. Provide for the collaborative training of highly-skilled clinicians in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics prepared to care for children and adults, individuals and families, while maintaining the depth of training and expertise in each field.

  2. Create an academic environment in which to develop and conduct clinical research and advocacy efforts that reflect the unique Med/Peds perspective on care for patients across the lifespan.

  3. Prepare residents for leadership roles as educators and academic clinicians in general and subspecialty disciplines of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

Program Highlights:

  • Faculty. The program's core faculty includes 6 Med/Peds-trained attendings with patient practices and precepting roles in the Medicine Pediatrics Primary Care Center, as well as two additional Med/Peds faculty members who precept exclusively. In addition, Med/Peds-trained faculty are represented in the primary faculty of both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in multiple subspecialties, and are similarly well-represented within the cadre of fellows and chief residents at Rhode Island, Hasbro Children's and Women's and Infants Hospitals. The faculty has been recognized with institution-wide teaching awards, local and national grants for curriculum development, workshop and research presentations at national meetings and participates actively in national med/peds organizations.

  • Residents. The residents are the heart of this program. Their commitment to their patients and to their own and their colleagues' education is appreciated by the program faculty, and has been recognized across the institution through advocacy awards for individual and program efforts, and by the categorical faculty in the selection of chief residents. Our residents received 2 Brown Teaching awards in 2012.

  • Innovative curriculum and research. Drs. Toll, McLaughlin and Forcier have active grants researching behavioral health care training in primary care and in LGBTQ curriculum and training.

  • Community Outreach and Advocacy. The "Young Doctors Club" is a community outreach program established by Med/Peds residents with the nearby Roger Williams Middle School. More than 25 8th graders are hosted for two after school meetings per month. Residents lead multidisciplinary, hands-on discussions, which including EKG's, Pulmonary Function Testing and staining blood smears on their teachers! This exciting community youth advocacy program received the Rhode Island Public Education Foundation's Partnership Award and was a focus of the Rhode Island Hospital Founders Day Celebration. All Med/Peds residents and faculty are participating in some capacity, and the series concludes with a white-coat ceremony for participating students.

  • Resident innovations and leadership roles. Med Peds residents made innovative contributions to the electronic sign-out system at RIH/Hasbro, and have leadership roles on hospital and GME committees for Information Services and quality improvement.

  • Hospital Quality:

  • Global Health. Program residents and faculty actively participate in multiple international medicine experiences, including formal relationships with sites in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Kenya. Med/Peds residents have taken leadership roles in the development of a global health interest group across RIH residency programs. The Med/Peds Primary Care Center has developed a refugee health clinic working with the successful Hasbro Pediatric Refugee program and providing health services to the diverse group of children and adults who relocate to Rhode Island every year with the support of the Rhode Island Foundation.

  • Med/Peds Combined Infectious Diseases Fellowship Approved. The first combined Med/Peds fellowship at Brown has been approved by the ABIM and ABP in Infectious Diseases. Dr. Jerry Larkin, Med/Peds trained Infectious Disease faculty member, is the contact person for this program. The program has two Med/Peds program graduates currently in training.

Why Med Peds? The advantages of training in Med/Peds are many and have been appreciated since the inception of this combined discipline in 1967. Graduates are able to care for children, adults and families. In addition, graduates have the opportunity to continue training in pediatrics and/or medicine subspecialties and public health disciplines, with an in-depth exposure to all age groups. The vast majority of Med/Peds graduates continue to care for children and adults in their clinical practices. Notably, almost half of Med/Peds graduates receive academic faculty appointments, reflecting the substantial growth in popularity of this discipline over the last two decades, as well as the addition of many new programs. Med/Peds graduates enjoy diverse career opportunities, owing to the depth and breadth of their training. It is a rewarding and exciting experience.

Why Med Peds at Brown? Med/Peds residents and faculty at Brown are deeply involved in the ongoing operation and evaluation of the program. Ours is an integrated residency, which attempts to go beyond simply creating parallel programs in each of the two specialties. The on-site med/peds ambulatory practice allows residents and faculty to care for adults, children and families in a single continuity setting. Founded in 1998, the clinic continues as a thriving and successful endeavor. Med/Peds forum for residents and faculty is held twice per month. The forum offers conferences, journal club and formal sessions on a variety of topics ranging from an approach to the medical literature to discussions of patient-practitioner interactions. The faculty and residents participate in on-going curriculum development, having received state and national grants and presented national workshops on quality improvement in primary care of chronic conditions, health care transition and mental health services in primary care settings.

Contact Information

Program Director:
Suzanne McLaughlin, MD FAAP FACP



Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program
593 Eddy Street
Physician's Office Building, Suite#224
Providence, RI 02903

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